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Coaching is a support to individual and professional growth and can be done individually or in a group setting. Based on our firm belief that self-awareness and self-esteem are keys to personal and professional success, we offer individual and group coaching services.
Coaching Training for leaders, lovers, teachers and consultants
Coaching is often described as the new, and supposedly superior, style of leadership. In this seminar we explore when and why coaching can be an appropriate leadership style, and how to make optimal use of it.
Customers for Life
This 3-day seminar is about developing yourself and your emotional intelligence, especially your self-awareness. You will learn what it is about you that prevents you from providing consistently excellent customer service and practice gaining conscious control over that part of yourself.
Customized Leadership Training
We take pride in our ability and extensive qualifications in the development and delivery of customized leadership programs. Our broad experience with clients from so many diversified organizations and cultures enables us to understand your organization's needs and provide the tools to meet them.
Emotional Intelligence Analysis
Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage our emotional responses, to use our emotions intelligently, and our intellect emotionally. Most of what we do at Petrina Consulting is aimed at developing some aspect of emotional intelligence, and Emotional Intelligence Analysis is a way of measuring the impact.
Feedback 360: LEA
Why are we using MRG's LEA? We think it is the best 360 is there is, that's why.
The Genuine Leader
This is a crash course in leadership and group development powered by the Human Element and influenced by Swedish leadership classic UGL!
Implicit Career Search
Five days that will shake your world! Implicit Career Search (ICS) helps individuals and teams connect to what is passionate and meaningful for them and bring that into their work. The results are careers and workplaces where people are more involved, more productive, more creative and have more fun.
Inner Leadership - knowing & leading yourself
Is the ship you are leading lost at sea? To lead others, you must be able to lead yourself. If your inner leadership is a 'bottleneck' in your ability to lead, this seminar is designed to eliminate that 'bottleneck'.
Management Team Genesis (MTG)
Powered by The Human Element, MTG is a forward looking process focusing on the special challenges of being a contributing member of a management team. The goal is to maximize the team's ability to lead itself and the organization and become a High Performance Management Team.
Radical Collaboration
Combining THE core philosophy with the interest-based problem-solving approach popularized in Roger Fischer's 'Getting to Yes', Radical Collaboration is an extremely powerful method for achieving lasting agreements and satisfying solutions to complex problems. The tools, training and knowledge acquired in this lively, interactive, and highly practical seminar can be applied immediately in real-life situations.
THE Team Grind
Not only will you develop as a team, each of you will also get a greater understanding of group dynamics in general, and in specific the dynamics of your own team.