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Customers for Life

This 3-day seminar is about developing yourself and your emotional intelligence, especially your self-awareness. You will learn what it is about you that prevents you from providing consistently excellent customer service and practice gaining conscious control over that part of yourself.

Target Group:  This program is for anyone who provides a product or service and wants to improve his sales and customer relations.   Whether your customers are internal (your staff, boss, board of directors or co-workers) or external, this approach goes far beyond behavioural training to address the issue of what it takes to win with customers.


  • increased understanding of customer behaviour
  • increased understanding of my own and/or my organization's behaviour
  • knowledge of the FIRO theory and how it applies to customer relations
  • practice in using the concepts
  • practice in overcoming your inner (often unconscious) blocks to providing great customer service
  • creation of a a personal and/or corporate report card and action plan for delivering exceptional customer service

Content: If, for you, customer relations training brings to mind traditional wisdom such as 'always smile, even on the phone', and 'make sure to always establish eye contact'  this workshop should come as a refreshing eye-opener.

The basic philosophy of Customers for Life is to create conditions in which customers, both internal and external, feel so good about themselves when doing business with you that they become customers for life (which may, or may not, involve establishing eye contact). What it does involve is paying attention to and fostering certain essential underlying feelings of our customers' self-esteem.  As our customers aren't really that different from us, once you start to understand and pay attention to the right things it's not that hard to do.

The other part of the equation involves removing our own blocks, the ones that unwittingly prevent us from paying attention to our customer's experience and fostering their self-esteem. Through exploring and understanding our own attitudes and levels of self-awareness, and particularly, our defenses, we can choose attitudes and behaviours which will result in creating customers for life.f And even contribute to our own personal growth!

This is a highly practical, interactive and fun course which supports participants in developing customer relations skills and attitudes which emanate from their very core. The focus is on self-awareness and, naturally, behavioural changes do emerge following the deeper changes in self-concept.   

Method: We use scientific assessments and theory, verbal and non-verbal group activities, body metaphor, interpersonal feedback, discussion, short lectures, case studies, coaching conversations and self-reflection. 

Duration: This seminar requires three to four days, which do not necessarily have to be consecutive.