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Management Team Genesis (MTG)

Powered by The Human Element, MTG is a forward looking process focusing on the special challenges of being a contributing member of a management team. The goal is to maximize the team's ability to lead itself and the organization and become a High Performance Management Team.

We believe management teams have much in common with other kinds of teams, but there are important differences too.

All development means change. All change is not development. Any change worthy of being called organizational development will require individual development. For some this may mean a big leap, for others just a step. If a management team is going to succeed in developing a significantly more efficient work pattern, i.e become a High Performance Management Team, then all of its members will have to develop individually as well.

MTG is a process oriented concept involving different methods and is customized to the current status of the team. This means that MTG functions as a framework, a support, and a springboard to move the management team toward its development goal.

The process includes both theory and application. This means that everything we do, explore and present is connected to the strengths and weaknesses of the team and its place in the organization.  The end result is the output from the team's efforts to lead itself and its organization by becoming a High Performance Management Team.