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The Genuine Leader

This is a crash course in leadership and group development powered by the Human Element and influenced by Swedish leadership classic UGL!

The Genuine LeaderWhen American psychologist Dr. Will Schutz came up with his now world famous FIRO-theory in the early fifties, little did he know how much he would affect today’s understanding of group dynamics and leadership. Schutz dedicated his life to the exploration and understanding of humans and human interactions. He called his collective findings and thoughts from almost 50 years of research, The Human Element® (THE). Today, Schutz’s work is utilized in human resources and organizational development on five continents.

Sweden’s foremost leadership workshop is called UGL; Understanding Groups and Leadership. It is a 5-day process oriented workshop, focusing on group dynamics and leadership that has had over 100.000 participants. The UGL is owned by the Swedish Military and has been mandatory in their officer training since the mid eighties. It became very popular among civilian companies and organizations during the nineties. The UGL-concept is grounded on a theory of group development based on Will Schutz’s FIRO-theory.

About The Genuine Leader

This seminar is based on our extensive experience from having facilitated UGL and Human Element workshops for 14 years.  We have managed to merge the outstanding leadership training that is UGL with the exceptionally useful intrapersonal tools provided in The Human Element.

The workshop is directed to you who:

  • Want to develop your leadership qualities, become more self-aware and understand your self and others better
  • Have done Human Element-training and now want to put your insights and learning in a leadership context
  • Have done the UGL and now want a deeper understanding of yourself and what drives your behaviour, and a more profound understanding of the FIRO-theory.

This program will help you:

  • Understand what leadership is really about and what your unique strengths are
  • Identify the behaviours that facilitate relationships or cause them to fail
  • Identify defensive behaviours in yourself and others – learn how to manage these to your advantage.
  • Develop your emotional intelligence
  • Learn the secrets of dealing with difficult people
  • Develop negotiation skills and negotiate with confidence
  • Develop your listening and coaching abilities
  • Understand how to respond optimally to the leadership requirements of groups and the individuals in them

Welcome to 5 days that will rock your world, broaden your horizons and expand your ability to lead yourself and others!

If you have questions or want more information, you are most welcome to Contact us.

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