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Emotional Intelligence Analysis

Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage our emotional responses, to use our emotions intelligently, and our intellect emotionally. Most of what we do at Petrina Consulting is aimed at developing some aspect of emotional intelligence, and Emotional Intelligence Analysis is a way of measuring the impact.

Target Group: Emotional Intelligence Analysis is really just a starting point for developmental work. If you are struggling to meet your goals, professionally or personally, or would just like to develop your relationships, Emotional Intelligence Analysis can reveal where you need to put your focus. After that you start the real work, that of embarking on a development program. As a measuring stick, Emotional Intelligence Analysis can be used before, during and/or after any intervention to measure progress.

Objective: To obtain a measurement of our capability to use our emotional responses in an aware way, often as a jumping-off point for developmental work.

Content: The measurement tool we use is the BarOn Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i), 133 questions with multiple choice responses which can be administered through your own computer. That means you can perform the test anywhere you have internet access. It takes most people from 20 to 40 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

BarOn EQ-i measures your personall traints in the following areas:

Intrapersonal EQ

  • self-regard
  • emotional self-awareness
  • assertiveness
  • independence
  • self-actualization

Interpersonal EQ

  • empathy
  • social responsibility
  • interpersonal relationship

Stress Management

  • stress tolerance
  • impulse control


  • reality testing
  • flexibility
  • problem solving

General Mood

  • optimism
  • happiness

Your analysis comes with a written definition of the 5 areas and 20 subareas, a description of your strengths and weaknesses and a meeting with Susan or Janne to explain and discuss your result. This meeting can be over the phone or in person, and usually takes about an hour.

Duration: It takes from 20 to 40 minutes to score the analysis, and about an hour long meeting with Susan or Janne to explain and discuss your results.   The meeting is usually scheduled anywhere from a few days to a week after the scoring,