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Customized Leadership Training

We take pride in our ability and extensive qualifications in the development and delivery of customized leadership programs. Our broad experience with clients from so many diversified organizations and cultures enables us to understand your organization's needs and provide the tools to meet them.

"Every organization is unique and every organization is so the same in their firm belief of their own unique uniqueness..." (Janne, a bit tired after encountering an unusually demanding client)

Leadership is about influencing others and thereby having an impact on what happens. The one having the most influence at a certain time is usually called the leader. There is nothing new in leadership. It has existed as long as there have been humans on this planet. What is new is how we try to understand, explain and foresee the cause and effect of leadership.

We think leadership might be the single most interesting and fascinating phenomena in human interaction - what makes people allow another human being to influence them? Why is it that  some people end up having the leadership time and time again while others, no matter how much they try, fail in building enough trust for themselves, and in worst case, end up being the manager but never the leader?  

Leadership is a key factor in organizational success. At Petrina Consulting we spend a lot of time studying, thinking, discussing, networking, participating in seminars and facilitating workshops about leadership. When we design a customized workshop we bring in the latest thoughts, theories and cutting edge techniques about leadership as well as our broad experience from how our other clients have faced their challenges.

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