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Coaching is a support to individual and professional growth and can be done individually or in a group setting. Based on our firm belief that self-awareness and self-esteem are keys to personal and professional success, we offer individual and group coaching services.

  • Susan coachingIndividual coaching: We provide a minimum of 10 sessions over approximately 6 months. Meetings can be held in-person and/or over the phone, and typically require from 1 to 1,5 hours. We start with a meeting where we discuss the objectives of the coaching and the whats and the mechanics of the process. The fee is 250 Euro/2400 SEK per hour, and the costs for travel are agreed upon in advance.
  • Group coaching: A typical group would be 5-7 managers  from one organization, gathering once or twice a month to meet for a 2 hour session over a 6 month period. The fee is 530 Euro/5000 SEK per hour, plus costs for travel expenses and travel time exceeding 30 minutes as agreed upon.
  • for Training in coaching for managers, leaders, teachers and consultants: go to Coaching Training for Leaders