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Coaching Training for leaders, lovers, teachers and consultants

Coaching is often described as the new, and supposedly superior, style of leadership. In this seminar we explore when and why coaching can be an appropriate leadership style, and how to make optimal use of it.

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Communication skills are essential in coaching!

Time: two to three days

Target group: This seminar is designed for managers, teachers, consultants or others who want to improve their skills in helping team members enhance their ability to deal with  problems. From experience, we also know that skilled coaching can be an extremely useful tool for couples!

Content: The program is based on The Human Element approach ( see The Human Element) and other practical and well proven coaching techniques and theories. About 2/3 of the seminar is spent on practical training, where participants will be coaching each other.

Objective: Participants will have the knowledge, ability and confidence to make the optimum use of coaching immediately upon completing the seminar.